Commercial Printing

Whatever you need in the way of commercial printing, Wynalda is your “go to” choice. From beautiful, standard 4-color printing to custom special-match colors, we have the experience, expertise and equipment to make your brochures, direct mail, and any other collateral enormous marketplace appeal.
Wynalda Packaging provides full-service prepress and proofing. We can process all of the major formats that are used today for file development. Wynalda Packaging is a computer-to-plate (CTP) facility, and has been since 1999. Computer-to-plate technology ensures flexibility, quick turnaround, increased quality and reduced costs. Proofing is done with both Fuji and Epson color proofing systems. Digital files can be uploaded to a secure site at Wynalda Packaging via FTP.
We have what it takes to make your package stand out from the rest. Print your packaging in 4, 6 or 8 colors all in one pass. Whether it is a standard 4- color carton or a custom special-match color, we are equipped to handle the print. Our in-house ink department gives you flexibility to match the most unusual color on the most unusual substrate.
Special coatings can protect your package and give it added shelf appeal. Print with aqueous coating, UV coating, dull coatings, varnishes and reticulated coating to make your product jump off the shelf. You can even use a combination of coatings to really differentiate your package from everyone else.
Foil Stamping
Foil stamping on your package can add that little “bling,” or it can add security for authenticity. Foil stamping can be done in a wide variety of foils and colors that will enhance your package and give it enormous shelf appeal. Adding a security foil will authenticate your product with the use of special security features placed in the foil to guarantee that your customer has the real thing, not a counterfeit.
Want to add a texture to your package, or raise type on the package to make it jump off the box? Then embossing is for you. Embossing or de- bossing gives your package that special feel when you hold it in your hand or look at it on the shelf. You can emboss your type, a background texture or raise a character or logo so that it stands out on your package. The embossing can be a single-level emboss or a sculpted emboss to create your desired effect.
Our fully equipped bindery department can add those finishing touches to your printed materials.  Whether you need trimming, folding or stitching, it can be handled right in our plant.  If your project requires a tip-on of one print piece to another, such as a lenticular tip-on, we can do it.  And when your project requires the application of plastic CD/DVD/Blu-ray plastic trays, we can make it happen.  We understand the urgency of each project and have the equipment and staff to meet your schedule.
Ink-Jetting and Serialization
We have a closed-loop, high-resolution ink-jetting system designed specifically for highly secure data applications such as: code redemption systems, point systems, zero duplication, and 100% legible applications.  Our closed-loop camera verification system ensures that the data printed matches the intended result.  Automatic isolation ensures that no duplicates enter the production stream.

Our proprietary, secure-code management system is 2048bit and encrypted. It allows authorized agents to verify essential data including the quantity of codes provided, used and remaining. Our system also provides searchable access to individual code batches, allowing verification processes with complete integrity.

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