All the Services to Make Your Project Come to Life

Wynalda Trading offers a full array of printing and packaging services. No matter what your requirements, we have what it takes to make it happen.
Structural Design
Structure and function are keys in packaging. The Wynalda team considers all aspects of your product when designing a package to hold it. We look at both fit and function when developing a design, making sure the design can be manufactured in production. Once a design is finalized, that exact program is used to create the tooling for the manufacturing process. Using the finalized design to create the tool ensures that your finished manufactured product will look and function just like the sample that was approved.
Graphic Design
Our graphic designers are ready to help your vision become reality. We can produce everything from quick concept images to realistic renderings of your envisioned design. Simulated package photos will show you how the final package can look. High-end renderings allow you to prepare sell sheets, product catalogs and advertising while the packages for your product line are still being produced. We can digitally print a concept for you to actually hold so you can get the feel of what your printed piece will be when it is manufactured.
Digital printing and CAD cutting allow you to see your package as if it just came from manufacturing. We can digitally print your graphics onto the desired substrate, CAD cut the package and glue it to show how your products will look on the shelf. If needed, prototype thermoformed or injection-molded structures can be produce to give your package that complete and finished look.
Does your product need to be assembled and packaged? Wynalda Trading can do that for you. Our secure facilities keep your product safe during the entire process. We have the ability to flex with our staffing based on your delivery requirements. From assembly to shrink wrap and everything in between, we can remove your stress and put it in our court.
Inventory Management
If you need “Just in Time” shipments or maybe even a larger warehouse, Wynalda Trading can be your inventory manager. We can produce your packaging and hold it for release. Make and Release orders free up your space, giving you room for finished goods — not work in progress. Also an inventory program will give you better material flow and control of your own inventory.
Global Supply
Need packaging produced in both North America and China, or maybe just China? Wynalda Trading has a team of experts based in our offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to help. Press proof your product here in the United States and have it produced in China with the confidence that the two packages will match and look the same on the shelf. Click on the Wynalda International tab for more information.
Global Security
We take your brand security very seriously. Each of our facilities has 24- hour surveillance and random audits. To minimize risk for counterfeiting, controls are put in place from the time we produce each item until it arrives at your location. Click on the Wynalda International tab for more information.
Wynalda Packaging fully realizes the importance of a healthy environment to the future of our planet. Everything needed for our well-being depends, either directly or indirectly, on our natural environment. So it is vital that we protect our water, materials and resources. Wynalda is committed to determining the most eco-friendly services and packaging for your products. The inks, paper, plastics and metals we use are all chosen for their ability to make the smallest environmental footprint possible.



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