Uncompromised Quality

We Take Worry Out of the Equation

We Package Confidence

Whether you need conventional packaging or something much more complex, Wynalda Trading takes worry out of the equation. With Wynalda, you can be confident that everything from design to printing, from die cuts to foil stamping, will be precisely crafted. To ensure that even the toughest deadlines can be met, that uncompromised quality is coupled with surprisingly quick turnaround time.

Wynalda works with global leaders in such industries as entertainment, food, electronics, beverage, and health & beauty. They’ve chosen Wynalda because they know the quality of the package influences consumers’ perception of the product, and impacts purchasing behavior.

Wynalda Trading will also give your product that marketplace advantage.


Shoppers made a direct correlation between the quality of the packaging and the quality of the product.
How Package Design Dictates Product Sales
Package design does influence consumers’ perception of both the product and brand, which ultimately, impacts their purchasing behavior.
How Package Design Dictates Product Sales
When consumers are unable to try a product prior to purchase, the visual appearance of the package becomes the key decision making factor about the aesthetic value delivered by the product inside.
How Package Design Dictates Product Sales